Recent and Upcoming API Changes

Recent and Upcoming API Changes

We have recently changed the Dynamic Intents API caching policy. Additionally, we are going to release soon important changes to the Open Session API that will add the user's birth date as a mandatory parameter.

Dynamic Intents API Changes

Caching policy changes

When a Dynamic Intent or Dynamic Intent Slot are defined, a (floating point) parameter called ValidityMinutes specifies for how much time the response of a call to the Intent's or Intent Slot's webhook must be cached.

This parameter used to have the following minimum values:

These values enforced a minimum caching time for webhook responses. This policy is now changed: for both Intents and Intent Slots the minimum accepted value is 0.0, i.e. no caching at all. If you have an Intent or Intent Slot that require no caching, check their settings and update this parameter accordingly.

New Session ID parameter

The Intent WebHook Request object now has a new (string) paramter called SessionID, containing the unique session ID of the conversation with your Twin. With this addition, the webhook can distinguish between calls coming from different users and act accordingly.

Upcoming changes to the Open Session API

Age restrictions

On the 27th of April we will release an important change to the platform that will introduce age restrictions for certain contents. The platform's user base and use cases are growing, this compels us to introduce controls and enforcement that were previously delegated to users themselves.


Beginning with 27th of April, on your next access to the platform you will have to declare your birth date. Based on that information, certain features (such as activation of generative AI or the creation of NSFW content) will be enabled or not.

Open Session API changes

When implementing a custom client, the Open Session API is the initial call that initiates the conversion with your Twin. This API will have a new mandatory (date-time) parameter called BirthDate that must be set to the declared birth date of the user. Twins that make use of generative AI or that contain NSFW content will check this parameter and refuse the session if it does satisfy the age restriction.

Check the API Services Documentation for more details, avaiable on the Dev docs section of the TwinCreator platform (or your designated partner platform).