I can help you manage training, documentation and business processes, do you want?

Create your own custom business AI that speaks, learns and makes processes and products more effective.

Create a digital equivalent of a service, a product, a process, a person in your company. It will behave as you want and then learn by itself, giving propulsion to your business.

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Some use cases of AIsuru.

Virtual concierge | Reply to your guests at any time

Welcomes guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Answers questions, provides information, makes reservations in real time.

Recognizes recurring customers and remembers their activities during past visits, offering personalized directions and services.

Paralegal | An already trained legal assistant

Carry out research on legal precedents, regulatory references, counterparties.

Monitors lines and carries out administrative tasks such as preparing routine paperwork, managing paperwork or organizing files and documents, drastically reducing the use of paper.

Answers customer questions that land on the website and provides basic information on general legal issues.

Train new paralegals in learning law firm procedures and standard practices through simulated interactions.

Sales consultant | Always the right observation for your customers

He knows the products on sale thoroughly, provides detailed information to customers, and responds to their questions.

Provide personalized recommendations based on customer preferences or suggest products related to previous purchases to encourage additional purchases.

It offers specific promotions linked to the time of year or >current discounts.

Manages sales transactions, tracks inventory, and monitors sales data for help optimize marketing and sales strategies.

Professional trainer | Pleasant and personalized training

Know a subject or topic in depth.

He answers the questions of those who consult him to impart teachings.

Understands the difficulties and reformulates the explanations.

Asks tests and questions to verify learning.

Personal waiter | Remember each customer one by one

Knows the menu, provides details on ingredients and allergents and on the preparation of the dishes dishes.

Suggests food and wine pairings and answers customers' specific questions about wines in combination.

Collects orders, tracks customer preferences for future visits.

Manages reservations, monitors restaurant occupancy and sends reminders to customers.

Remembers the client's previous experiences and offers advice accordingly.

Customer Service Representative | Customer care 24/7

Provides fast and accurate answers to customer questions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Eliminate waiting times for customers who need assistance.

It adapts to the specific needs of each customer, providing advice and personalized responses based on the company documentation with which it is connected.

Integrates with various devices and platforms in any context: website, app, virtual environment.

Tourist guide | Knowledge without limits

It has a vast amount of information about specific places, such as museums or galleries, but also about monuments, attractions, restaurants, local events and much more.

Provides historical, cultural and practical details.

Answers specific questions and offers personalized advice based on your interests of those who consult it.

Manages reservations for tours, tickets for attractions or restaurants.

Provides up-to-date information on opening hours, prices, special events and more. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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You will take your digital twins to the next level by enriching the capabilities of generative AI and adapting them to your needs.

Your twin exactly how you want it: you will be able to completely shape your digital twin's personality in a simple and controlled way.

Creation and connection to generative AI

Platform: with AIsuru you will have a platform programming and customization for generative AI, with tools for monitor and optimize the behavior of AI in the contexts you are of interest.

Language models: AIsuru can hook into generative AI like OpenAI (ChatGPT). GPT-3.5, GPT-4, GPTs, Mistral, Gemini of your choice, making the most of its potential.


General settings: with a simple indication textually you will be able to define the personality and response method of yours twin. You can make him friendly, grumpy, evasive, helpful, a depending on your need.

Conversational training: you will be able to define i contents of the answers simply by conversing and correcting the twin responses, which will immediately become active.

Import of documents and information: you will be able to instruct the your twin massively important textual documents, databases, images, videos, links and information via upload. The system interfaces also with CMS and related information via API.

Instructive questions: as your twin is questioned by users, you will be able to see how he behaved and edit answers that are incorrect or that you don't like.

Custom dictionaries: you can teach your twin the specific meaning of some words relating to your context specific.

Collaborative management

Access to the multi-user management platform (if the subscription allows it).


Connectivity with various interfaces: AIsuru allows its integration with devices operating in VR, MR, AR environments, allowing you to carry out operations at various levels of complexity.

Graphic customization

Custom avatar via ReadyPlayerMe.

Graphic integration depending on the format: fullpage, chat, expandable website widget, totem.

Extra towards the future

Quiz: Various ways of quizzing users.

Multilingual: your twin will speak all the languages of world.

Followup:possibility to contact directly followers of your twin with commercial or engagement proposals

Virtual rooms: populating virtual rooms with the your twin: VR or MR for QUEST 2, QUEST 3 and (comingsoon) Vision Pro.

Board of experts: possibility to insert your twins in a board of experts (comingsoon), or a web site or virtual where you can interact with multiple expert twins, similar to those of a group chat.


Personalized responses and user profiling: you can set your twin to respond differently depending on who asks the questions.

Security: AIsuru employs strong end-to-end encryption high.

Targeted sharing: Only you can decide who to share with your digital twin: with no one, only with whoever you decide, with everyone.


Usage reports and statistics.


AIsuru evolves with continuous updates, ensuring your AIs stay abreast of the latest technological innovations. Including in price.

AIsuru is the tool to manage all your AI projects via conversational interfaces.

You can always create a project by integrating language model API services like OpenAI, but development is long, expensive, has uncertain boundaries and requires maintenance.

AIsuru is ready and waiting for you.

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You create your digital twin in an instant, literally. He will begin to respond immediately and will learn over time to be increasingly precise and appropriate. And you will immediately start saving time or seeing yours achieved digital imaginaries.

From now on you will be able to converse through sites, apps (such as Google Action), personal assistants (such as Alexa), virtual worlds (like those of Oculus headsets).

Very simple, just talk to us

No code is needed to teach your twin: he simply learns through conversation.

AIsuru is extreme no-code.


If you change your mind about your twin or decide to take it in another direction, you can change its settings with extreme simplicity and immediately embark on another adventure.

Embeddable everywhere

With the APIs and custom widgets you embed the digital twin created with AIsuru in websites, totem, in business applications, in virtual worlds.

We offer you a complete development environment for integration with emerging technologies.

A single AI platform with modular services and add-ons.

Do you want to know more about open badges or virtual worlds?

Badge platform for the creation, management and distribution of Open Badges

VR platform whitelabel for your own virtual reality applications

PaaS platform for the management of your Twins

Training for the use of the platforms

Consultancy and ad hoc developments for special projects

A knowledge center for your company.

With AIsuru you aggregate all distributed company knowledge in a single channel, for purposes archive, consultation, training.

A corporate linguistic model.

With AIsuru you create a system for generate, understand and translate texts in the exact style your business needs, for any purpose, from customer support to sentiment analysis.


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Gruppo Una
NET Engineering
RCS Sport

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Talk to Nunzio.

Nunzio is the digital twin of Nunzio Fiore, the founder of Memori, who created Twin Creator. He always is ready to answer questions about AIsuru for businesses and looking for suggestions to improve it.

Try telling him your business idea and asking him how Twin Creator can help you.