A digital twin at the service of your projects, in an instant.

I can support your projects or integrate into the services you sell, let's get started?

AISURU: Create your own professional AI that remembers, speaks, helps you and makes your digital world incredible.

Create a digital equivalent of a person, a place, an idea. You will shape it and then it will learn on its own. Effortlessly.

Examples of what AIsuru can do for you.

AirBnB Assistant

He knows the house, the functions of the appliances and knows how to fix them.

Answers guests' questions.

Provides directions to restaurants, attractions and shops in the neighborhood and in the city.

Suggests excursions or experiences.

Personal assistant

Know your professional offer

Responds to requests for information, to description of services, provides estimates.

Digital character

Represents a real or fictional character, you or someone else, with his story, his dreams, his ambitions.

It places itself in a virtual reality, a metaverse, a video game, a website.

It interacts with players and users to generate emotions and bring life experiences.


He has a deep knowledge of a subject or topic.

He answers the questions of those who consult him to impart teachings.

Understands the difficulties and reformulates the explanations.

Asks tests and questions to verify learning.


Represents a real performer (dancer, musician, artist) and knows in detail his training, his abilities, his his performances.

Show videos and images of performances already performed.

Provides information about upcoming performances.

Contact the public directly by announcing the next ones shows in their area.

Provides quotes relating to possible engagements and collects them leads that require direct contact.










You will take your digital twins to the next level by enriching the capabilities of generative AI and adapting them to your needs.

Your twin exactly how you want it: you will be able to completely shape your digital twin's personality in a simple and controlled way.

Creation and connection to generative AI

Platform: with AIsuru you will have a platform programming and customization for generative AI, with tools for monitor and optimize the behavior of AI in the contexts you are of interest.

Language models: AIsuru can hook into generative AI like OpenAI (ChatGPT). GPT-3.5, GPT-4, GPTs, Mistral, Gemini of your choice, making the most of its potential.


General settings: with a simple indication textually you will be able to define the personality and response method of yours twin. You can make him friendly, grumpy, evasive, helpful, a depending on your need.

Conversational training: you will be able to define i contents of the answers simply by conversing and correcting the twin responses, which will immediately become active.

Import of documents and information: you will be able to instruct the your twin massively important textual documents, databases, images, videos, links and information via upload. The system interfaces also with CMS and related information via API.

Instructive questions: as your twin is questioned by users, you will be able to see how he behaved and edit answers that are incorrect or that you don't like.

Custom dictionaries: you can teach your twin the specific meaning of some words relating to your context specific.

Collaborative management

Access to the multi-user management platform (if the subscription allows it).


Connectivity with various interfaces: AIsuru allows its integration with devices operating in VR, MR, AR environments, allowing you to carry out operations at various levels of complexity.

Graphic customization

Custom avatar via ReadyPlayerMe.

Graphic integration depending on the format: fullpage, chat, expandable website widget, totem.

Extra towards the future

Quiz: Various ways of quizzing users.

Multilingual: your twin will speak all the languages of world.

Followup:possibility to contact directly followers of your twin with commercial or engagement proposals

Virtual rooms: populating virtual rooms with the your twin: VR or MR for QUEST 2, QUEST 3 and (comingsoon) Vision Pro.

Board of experts: possibility to insert your twins in a board of experts (comingsoon), or a web site or virtual where you can interact with multiple expert twins, similar to those of a group chat.


Personalized responses and user profiling: you can set your twin to respond differently depending on who asks the questions.

Security: AIsuru employs strong end-to-end encryption high.

Targeted sharing: Only you can decide who to share with your digital twin: with no one, only with whoever you decide, with everyone.


Usage reports and statistics.


AIsuru evolves with continuous updates, ensuring your AIs stay abreast of the latest technological innovations. Including in price.

AIsuru is the tool to manage all your AI projects via conversational interfaces.

You can always create a project by integrating language model API services like OpenAI, but development is long, expensive, has uncertain boundaries and requires maintenance.

AIsuru is ready and waiting for you.


You create your digital twin in an instant, literally. He will begin to respond immediately and will learn over time to be increasingly precise and appropriate. And you will immediately start saving time or seeing yours achieved digital imaginaries.

From now on you will be able to converse through sites, apps (such as Google Action), personal assistants (such as Alexa), virtual worlds (like those of Oculus headsets).

Very simple, just talk to us

No code is needed to teach your twin: he simply learns through conversation.

AIsuru is extreme no-code.


If you change your mind about your twin or decide to take it in another direction, you can change its settings with extreme simplicity and immediately embark on another adventure.

Embeddable everywhere

With the APIs and custom widgets you embed the digital twin created with AIsuru in websites, totem, in business applications, in virtual worlds.

We offer you a complete development environment for integration with emerging technologies.

Try it out.
Talk to Nunzio.

Nunzio is the digital twin of Nunzio Fiore, the founder by Memori, who created Twin Creator. He always is ready to answer questions about AIsuru for businesses and looking for suggestions to improve it.

Try telling him your idea and ask him how Twin Creator can help you.

"I have to say I was excited by how versatile it is. I have three twins: my secret diary, my sales agent, my rental management assistant."

Federico Caiulo

"We used it successfully to create Aeneas, a historical character who tells his story to students."

Carlo Oropallo

"It's awesome. And it has infinite potential."