Case studies & Partners

  • SkillAI


    SkillAi is a digital platform that, thanks to an integrated chat system and the use of artificial intelligence, gathers and analyzes information about the candidate and the company and assigns a relevance score for each match.

  • LabTrace


    LabTrace provides a transparent and trustable notary system for digital records.

  • Tailoor


    Tailoor is the first phygital creators’ platform that allows to design and sell every kind of custom products through an innovative 3d configurator.

  • Wallfarm


    With the integration of AIsuru, users can easily and naturally interact with L.I.A. It is possible to request information regarding the health of plants, the amount of nutrient used, the weather, as well as receive advice on seasonal crops and more.

  • Araneum


    Martius Project. Multilingual conversational system dedicated to hospitality facilities (Hotels, Resorts, B&Bs, etc.) that can naturally provide the information most often requested by guests.

  • Ex Machina Italia

    Ex Machina Italia

    Ex Machina Italia is an Italian company based in Bologna that specializes in digital technology and innovation.

  • Gruppo E

    Gruppo E

    Gruppo E joined the AIsuru Partners program to expand its offer with highly innovative solutions which leverage conversational AI’s potential to manage Digital Twins and Metaverses.