• Metaverse Space Creation Guide for Aisuru VR

    Metaverse Space Creation Guide for Aisuru VR

    This guide will explain the process on how to create customized virtual environments to be used as metaverse spaces in the Aisuru VR ecosystem: IN UNITY Download the template project here and open the project with Unity 2021.3.19f1, duplicate the scene in Scenes\TestScene, open the duplicate scene and customize the environment following these guidelines: * Keep the current Game Object structure: Space, Special and Music * In Space add lights and 3D models of the environment. * In Special

  • Aisuru SDK integration in Unity applications

    Aisuru SDK integration in Unity applications

    This article will guide the integration of Twins into applications developed with the Unity3D game engine. The SDK is in the early stages of development, the features supported for now are: * Opening and closing sessions with a Twin * Communication with the Twin, even in different languages * Receiving links and media from the Twins * Setting context variables Downloading the example project To test the functionality of the SDK we provide an example scene of a Whatsapp-style chat, throug

  • Board of Experts

    Board of Experts

    The Board of Experts (BoE) is a feature designed to optimize interactions with artificial intelligence, allowing users to access fast and accurate responses at all times. A group chat The Board of Experts should be imagined as a group chat whose members are different AIs, each specialized in a specific field. When a user asks a question, it is automatically directed to the most expert AI, ensuring targeted and high-quality responses. What advantages does the BoE bring? By distributing cont

  • Open Badge

    Open Badge

    Open Badges are digital badges that serve to certify skills. They represent a modern and flexible method for recognizing and validating learning, facilitating the sharing of skills in digital environments. Used in various educational and professional contexts, Open Badges help individuals demonstrate their abilities and knowledge in a visible and verifiable manner. Open Badge and AI: a revolutionary integration The integration of Open Badges and artificial intelligence represents a revolutio

  • Share everywhere

    Share everywhere

    AIsuru gives you maximum flexibility in sharing: we can share digital twins on any web page, within physical devices, and even in the metaverse - the possibilities are endless. How to share your AI Twin In the "Share Me" section, you can customize our AI to share in just a few clicks. We can modify: * Background (general and internal) and colors; * Language: setting a default one and activating "multilingual" to allow users who speak different languages to query the same AI; * Avatar: you

  • Knowledge import

    Knowledge import

    You can transfer knowledge to AIsuru in two different ways: * Manually: you can create individual question-answer contents that AIsuru will use to answer users' questions; * File upload: you can upload documents in pdf, txt, doc, docx, pages, odt, rtf, html, and csv formats. 📂 Other file types can be processed by AIsuru if they are first exported in PDF format or through the construction of ad-hoc importers. How the import page works In the Import / Export section of our digital twin, yo

  • Content creation and personalization

    Content creation and personalization

    Content is the core of our AI's knowledge, and AIsuru leverages it precisely to answer users' questions. It acts as a real knowledge database from which the AI draws to respond to user requests. You can manage your knowledge base comprehensively from the Content section: * Creation of new content: if you want to teach something to the AI without using the document Import function, you can create individual contents; * Editing existing content: it is possible to edit existing contents to upda

  • Deep Thought

    Deep Thought

    Deep Thought is a feature that marks a turning point for conversational AI, transcending the boundaries of traditional interactions based on prompts and immediate responses. With Deep Thought, it is possible to develop a true personal relationship with AI. From the evolution of chatbots to AI with memory Initially, chatbots were limited to basic functions, guiding users through predetermined paths without a real understanding or contextualization of individual needs. With the advent of conve