A day in AIsuru

A DAY IN AISURU is the result of a communication project innovative and against the current, produced by Memori, supported by Gruppo E, MGALabs and Tailoor and created in partnership with RCS Sport & Events, Archea Associati, Brad&k Productions and realized by Rambla Studio.

In a world where digital communication insists on short content, fast messages and low-cost visual content, we have placed everything on a product of cinematic quality and duration 8 minutes.

Are we crazy? No. We wanted to clearly show how a well-built artificial intelligence can make people's lives better simpler, more efficient and richer. And demonstrate that if everyone had it available a personalized AI, find 8 minutes to watch a nice video wouldn't be a problem.

AI for a better life

Think about a day when everything seems impossible. Work, study, personal life. How to manage everything?

A DAY IN AISURU tells the story of one's extremely busy day girl living in the not too distant future. Thanks to artificial intelligence, she manages to respect all her commitments and live & mdash; and do live to the people she loves & mdash; unforgettable experiences. There surprise? All this is already possible today thanks to AISURU.

AISURU creates personalized digital twins, the most precious — soon essential — traveling companions with whom each of us can actively collaborate to improve our lives.

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