We have partnered with Ready Player Me

We have partnered with Ready Player Me

We're proud to partner with Ready Player Me. Now our users can create custom avatars for their AI's built with MemoryTwin and TwinCreator.

We imagine a future where people can share their knowledge, memories, and ideas through ‘reflections’ of themselves in the digital space. These entities can be faithful extensions of their creator or something completely different and new. 
It is still too early to predict with certainty how human creativity and ingenuity will leverage the power of digital twins in the years to come. However, we know for sure that these creations will have their own unique identity, both in the knowledge they hold as well as in the way they behave and look. 

With the goal of making it easier for users to put a ‘spark of life’ into their twins, we have partnered with Ready Player Me, one of the leading 3D avatar-creation platforms for the metaverse. While they are building a solution for creating and sharing decentralized visual identities, we are doing it for knowledge. For this reason, we realized that our visions align on many aspects, and the decision to partner came naturally. 

Now users can create highly-customizable avatars for their digital twins without leaving MemoryTwin’s interface. Everything is fully integrated out of the box.

There has never been a better time to start experimenting with MemoryTwin and find new, creative ways to use it. Teaching highly technical subjects, narrating fictional stories or simply sharing memories of a unique experience:  the users who have already joined are growing the list of use cases for MemoryTwin everyday. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

If you’re interested, register at app.memorytwin.com and start using MemoryTwin today, for free!

Instead, If you’re planning to create conversational experiences for your organization, you might want to check out our business solution – TwinCreator – which provides extensive integration capabilities as well as additional features designed for companies of any size or industry.