New layouts for the React and WebComponent libraries

New layouts for the React and WebComponent libraries

It is an exciting time for us here at, as we have been working hard to improve TwinCreator, and we are happy to announce some amazing new features for the React and Webcomponent libraries in our product.

The news

Let's start with the most relevant new feature: the customization of layouts in the React component. We understand that everyone has specific needs for your TwinCreator experience, which is why we have expanded the customizable layout options.

To date, we offer three predefined layouts:

  1. Fullpage: This is our classic default layout. It is simple, clean and well-organized, great for a wide range of applications.
  2. Totem: Designed for a portrait orientation, but also suitable for landscape orientation, this layout is ideal for phygital experiences with totem screens. If you are looking to create a unique and highly immersive interaction in a public space, the Totem layout is perfect for you.
  3. Chat: For those who prefer a cleaner, more minimalist approach, we have the Chat layout. This layout emphasizes text, making it ideal for those who are not particularly interested in avatars but want to focus on conversation.

Not only that, these new layout options will soon be configurable directly from the TwinCreator dashboard, making it even easier to choose and modify the perfect layout for your needs.

Custom Layout and override

What if none of the default layouts are suitable? Now you can create your own custom layout via the customLayout prop. This means you have complete control over the layout and appearance of your TwinCreator, allowing you to create a truly unique experience.

In addition, we have implemented the ability to override the default components used, such as the avatar or chat. This allows greater flexibility and control over how TwinCreator looks and functions.

These new features are just the beginning. We have many more exciting updates in the pipeline, including increasing the number of available default layouts.

We are grateful for your continued support and feedback. It is because of you, our TwinCreator community, that we can continue to improve and adapt TwinCreator to best meet your needs.

We look forward to seeing how you use these new features!

Stay tuned for more updates and, as always, happy creating with TwinCreator!