Memori joined Cubbit's "Next Generation Cloud Pioneers" network

Memori joined Cubbit's "Next Generation Cloud Pioneers" network

We are proud to be part of Cubbit's Next Generation Cloud Pioneers network, to lead AI towards more responsible practices

Speaking of Alexa, Google Assistant and other conversational AIs, strong fears - far from unfounded - about their privacy often emerge among users. Realizing this, Memori decided to take a different approach, and allow the user himself to have control over his own data.

When a user creates a new digital twin, various levels of security are proposed. The highest protection is provided by end-to-end encryption, through which not even the service provider can access the data entered and saved. These become algorithms for phrase recognition, and are never used for third-party purposes.

Cubbit and Next Generation Cloud Pioneers

We have known Cubbit since 2017 and from the very beginning we noticed how its vision was compatible with Memori's, especially with regard to privacy to which both companies, in their respective sectors, give top priority.

Thanks to this strong compatibility, we decided to accept Cubbit's proposal and join "Next Generation Cloud Pioneers": a program dedicated to Italian companies that have decided to pioneer this sector, adopting a new technological paradigm.

There are several reasons why Memori decided to join the program. Among the most important:

  1. To complement the offering with state-of-the-art technology in security and privacy
  2. To offer Memori customers a place to store their data efficiently
  3. Receive support in managing the launch of what will be Memori's evolutions, including in terms of devices: a personal and professional cloud environment. A place to make secure cloud backups of all confidential data while respecting data sovereignty and citizen security.

Data security has been at the center of our priorities from day one: collaborating with Cubbit will allow us to give even more relevance to this issue in order to create products that are not only innovative, but also safe for users and respectful of their privacy.

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