Exciting news for our tech followers: our API client is now public!

Exciting news for our tech followers: our API client is now public!

To all our technical followers and developers out there, we have exciting news for you! Working with the Memori API and creating sophisticated digital twins is now easier than ever, cause we just released our API client!

Since ease-of-use is one of our guiding principles, we always try to keep things simple and lower the friction as much as possible. 

Our API client is no exception.

Despite it being in an early stage, the current version of the client makes the development experience many times better already. Its main purpose is to simplify the interaction with a Memori by wrapping the API with intuitive methods and utils.

For example, it allows developers to start a new session, a new conversation, receive and send medias from and to their digital twin etc:

Handle a simple conversation



TypeScript and experimental methods

The client is written in TypeScript and autocompletion is available for each method with description, usage, and types, so that developers can confidently start building in a matter of minutes.

We’re also working on two experimental methods (available now in the client but not ready for usage in production) which introduce text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities.


Finally, we created a repository where developers can check some examples (with Node, React and more) to see the client in action:


These are just the first steps: we plan to improve and add more features to the client in the next months, and we want to do so by involving the community through feedback and suggestions. 

We think this is the best way to build a great client for everybody.

Client’s Github repo:


To start using the client you need to be a TwinCreator user or part of the ‘TwinCreator Partners’ program (if you are a MemoryTwin user you can ask us for an upgrade).