European community's AI Guidelines

European community's AI Guidelines

🌐👥 We have always believed in the power of ethical Artificial Intelligence and have committed ourselves to developing our solutions in full compliance with the European Community's AI guidelines. 🔒🇪🇺 In this article we talk about how our PaaS TwinCreator solution embodies these principles.

1️⃣ Human agency and oversight
Artificial intelligence systems should enhance human beings, enabling them to make informed decisions and promoting their fundamental rights. At the same time, adequate oversight mechanisms need to be ensured.

Our human-centered approach allows us to control the content and ensure its validity and truthfulness, as well as build a dataset on which generation can operate while minimizing the risks of hallucination. 👓📚

2️⃣ Technical robustness and safety
Artificial intelligence systems must be resilient and secure. They should be safe by ensuring an emergency plan in case something goes wrong, as well as being accurate, reliable, and reproducible. This is the only way to ensure that unintended harm can also be minimized and prevented.

Our approach to managing AI as a means of knowledge transmission has led us to build robust software over the years, allowing us to intervene promptly and manage content effectively. We are aligned with the idea that it is the only possible way to minimize and prevent the misuse of AI. 🏳️‍🌈⚖️

3️⃣ Privacy and data governance
In addition to ensuring full respect for privacy and data protection, adequate data governance mechanisms must also be guaranteed, considering data quality and integrity, and ensuring legitimate access to data.

We act in full respect of intellectual property and privacy. We have integrated tools to manage NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content and comply with the European GDPR. 🔒🛡️

4️⃣ Furthermore, artificial intelligence systems and their decisions should be explained in a way that is adapted to stakeholders.
Human beings must be aware that they are interacting with an artificial intelligence system and informed of the system's capabilities and limitations.

Our twins highlight the generated content and emphasize the need for human review. 🕵️‍♀️🔏

TwinCreator has always considered these guidelines fundamental on its path of innovation, and we are proud to have been compliant with regulations for a long time. 🔝⏱️

👉 Remember, when you choose TwinCreator, you choose a partner who respects and values AI ethics! 🚀

At this link you can find the extended document with the EU guidelines.

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