Digital Twins: The Future We Imagine

Digital Twins: The Future We Imagine

A glimpse into our vision for the future of digital twins.

Imagine being able to create your own digital twins just by talking to them.

Imagine having your personal AIs, created by you, nurtured by you.

Imagine exploring the outer edges of human expression, and being a true pioneer in a revolution that is going to change art, shared knowledge, and communication forever.

You can imagine all of this, or you can make it a reality, now: the tools are already here.

In fact, MemoryTwin was conceived and built with this vision: to democratize conversational AI and the creation of digital twins, and allow people to access a new, exciting way to express themselves.

We believe that digital twins will unleash their true power only when it will be possible for everyone, including non-tech-savvy people, to create new ones from scratch and explore new ideas; because the use cases for a digital twin are countless, and only through ‘experimentation by many’ the best ones will emerge. In fact, it can represent yourself, a loved one, an historical figure, a project, service or product. It can be an interactive journey, a game or story game… It can be an intelligence that you can shape to tell anything you want.

To put it simply: a new medium of expression, infinite opportunities.

Once you would have made a video, a post, an ebook, a diary. Now you can also create your own artificial intelligence and share it anywhere, with anyone; just like you do with any other type of content.

Making it  easy for people to create conversational experiences is only one part of the story: it should also be effortless to share them with the world, in both its physical and virtual realms. That’s why portability is also a key part of our vision, and a priority in our strategy.

We imagine a future where digital twins will be ubiquitous, and it will be normal for people to interact with them through simple conversation.

We imagine a future with digital interfaces that feel more natural, and digital experiences that feel more human.