Metaverse Space Creation Guide for Aisuru VR

Metaverse Space Creation Guide for Aisuru VR

This guide will explain the process on how to create customized virtual environments to be used as metaverse spaces in the Aisuru VR ecosystem:


Download the template project here and open the project with Unity 2021.3.19f1, duplicate the scene in Scenes\TestScene, open the duplicate scene and customize the environment following these guidelines:

The project uses Unity's Universal Render Pipeline, it is recommended to use Unlit or Simple Lit shaders to avoid performance issues.

In the project window choose the scene you created and associate an asset bundle, bottom right.

Select the menu item Assets -> Build AssetBundle. When the process is complete, the files related to the asset bundle created in the previous step will appear in the Assets\AssetBundles folder. The asset bundle includes 2 files: "ASSET_BUNDLE_NAME" and "ASSET_BUNDLE_NAME.manifest"

In the scene select the game object Space, right click and select Export gltf -> gltf binary (.glb)


Go to and log in with the credentials provided:

Go to the Virtual Spaces section and press the CREATE button:

Choose name, description and cover image for the space. Load the environment created in the previous section (Asset Bundle, Asset Bundle Manifest and GLB).

Choosing a twin for the environment and the initial question

Choose user's initial position and rotation:

upload in progress, 0

The memori team will take care of verifying and validating the uploaded space.

When the space is approved you can publish it in the metaverse app by clicking "Publish" within the created space page.

If everything is successful, the space will appear to all users of the app in the Oculus Store.


To test the published space you can start the Aisuru VR app and choose the created space from the list of other public metaverses.

Choose "Bring me there" and, once the metaverse is loaded, go through the portal and then explore and interact with the twin