A new content type for your conversations: meet 'snippets'

A new content type for your conversations: meet 'snippets'

Now the AI's built with Memori support a code-snippets as content type.

Content, content, content!

Creating conversational experiences is not only about, believe it or not, conversation. Sometimes conversation is a means, not an end: an interface to gain access to something else, to some other content beyond a simple text/voice response.

That’s why providing to our users many types of content for the responses of their digital twins is a top priority for our product development strategy. 

Our last addition is ‘snippets’: it allows developers and technical writers to attach perfectly-formatted code snippets to the responses. Creating interactive, conversational documentation with TwinCreator and MemoryTwin is now easier than ever.

We plan to add more and more content types over the next months to enable new ways for our users to apply our tools to their needs. Stay tuned!

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