Conversational Artificial Intelligence and TwinCreator: a strategic ally in human resources

Conversational Artificial Intelligence and TwinCreator: a strategic ally in human resources

In an increasingly digitized world, artificial intelligence is radically transforming various fields, and human resources is no exception. Among the various applications of AI, conversational AI is proving to be particularly revolutionary. In this article, we discover some use cases where the use of AI-powered conversational agents can innovate the HR sector.


Conversational AI can greatly simplify the onerous process of screening candidates. For example, chatbots can interact with candidates, answer their questions and collect crucial information, such as work experience and skills. This data can be analyzed to assess the candidate's compatibility with the proposed role.

With TwinCreator, our PaaS for creating conversational AI, companies can create custom chatbots, even without technical expertise, thanks to its no-code interface. In addition, with the intelligent file import feature, role descriptions, for example, can be imported during the education phase to generate a knowledge base for the AI, thus facilitating candidate screening.


Conversational AI can assist in organizing and managing interviews. A chatbot can coordinate interview schedules between the HR team and candidates, considering the availability of both parties.

Using TwinCreator, a company can create a multilingual chatbot that can interact with candidates in different languages, thus expanding the reach of its recruiting operations.


Another area where conversational AI is proving useful is in conducting initial interviews and evaluating candidates. A chatbot can conduct an initial interview, asking preset questions to candidates and recording their responses for later analysis.

TwinCreator allows conversational AI to be extended and connected to other systems through its API and dynamic intent functionality, making it easier to collect and analyze data from interviews.


In addition to recruitment, conversational AI can also be used for employee training and development. For example, it can provide customized training programs, answer specific questions, and monitor employee progress.

TwinCreator offers a hybrid approach to content, combining static and generated content via generative AI. This can be useful for providing accurate and detailed information about employee training while ensuring that more general or unexpected questions are answered appropriately.


Conversational AI, particularly with the use of tools such as TwinCreator, represents a significant opportunity for the human resources sector. This technology offers numerous benefits, from facilitating recruitment processes, to employee training, to data analysis. However, it is important to remember that AI should be considered a complement to human interaction, not a replacement. This tool can help free up time and resources for the HR team, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks.